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ARCO2 Feature in DRIFT Magazine

ARCO2 were very excited to be featured in an article published in Cornwall’s luxury lifestyle magazine Drift, below is a little synopsis from them on what this addition is about and a link to read our article in full written by the very talented Dan Warden of Drift.

“Where ‘form follows function’, or ‘purposeful design’ as it also known, is a principle that has underpinned the most beautiful of functional creations. These designs are as user-friendly as they are unique; they serve a purpose, yet stand the test of time. Achieving such a standard requires intuition and a dedication to one’s craft, something that Jo Le Bon, co-creator and interior designer of Three Mile Beach’s bohemian beach houses knows only too well. Similarly, Lydia Allen had this in mind when designing for a sensitive luxury development, ensuring that the resultant rooms worked on each level; aesthetically as well as practically. Architects, Arco2 base their ‘Earth led design’ on similar principles; their buildings are at once innovative and modern while keeping health, comfort and wellbeing at their core. Cornwall’s contemporary forms often pay homage to those of days past.

The Duchy’s ancient megalithic structures stand sentinel amidst a legendary landscape of a forgotten age, sacred spots that are fragile portals to an ancient world. From that world to this, perspective and panoramas are captured by the lens of Evie Johnstone, whose visual stories tell tales of travel and lifestyle, person and place; while artist Catherine Hyde explores the magical moments of the animal kingdom. Such an immense fecundity amongst these creative thinkers is what joins the dots between form and function, and distils what makes Cornwall so special when it comes to artistry and ability.”

You can read the article in full at To the letter (

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